Deploying AI in the real world

GPT-4, DALL-E, Generative AI... Everyone is talking about it. We have shipped it.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing field of technology that enables machines to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. Things like recognising speech, understanding natural language, making decisions, and learning from experience.

AI algorithms are designed to analyse and interpret large amounts of data, allowing machines to identify patterns, make predictions, and automate processes.

How we can implement AI
Give customers a more personalised experience with more relevant content or offerings.
Use advancements in NLP and image recognition to create more accessible products.
Leverage your unused data to open up new product opportunities with AI that spots trends.
AI implementation in digital products

As digital product experts, we’ve seen first-hand how AI can be used to enhance user experiences and improve product performance.

From a development point of view, AI can be used to make better product decisions by enhancing data analysis and interpreting user behaviours. AI can also assist with QA by automating testing and bug detection, which can speed up the development process and improve product reliability.

For users, AI is often the difference between a mediocre, forgettable experience and something they come back to time and time again. While the jury is still out on chatbots and automated customer service, features such as search and recommendations can be drastically improved through AI - just ask Skin Rocks.

"Planes collaborated with us to take our proprietary AI to market by delivering a customer-facing MVP in just 8 weeks. After launching we worked together on a GPT integration to further optimise the user experience."
Tom Sherwood
Co-Founder & CEO (Stealth AI Startup)

To help make the internet a more accessible place, we built a tool that leverages image-to-text AI algorithms to automatically generate missing alt-text captions. It helps the millions of people using screen readers and organisations automate processes such as filling out product descriptions on e-commerce sites. Try out ALT AI here.

For The Wall

We built a business around Stable Diffusion text-to-image generation. For The Wall is an online store for AI-generated, custom artworks which you can get framed and delivered to your door.

Our AI product process

The world of AI is changing so quickly, the only way to leverage it is to experiment. That is the very essence of our product process: test, learn and iterate. We turn your ideas into working prototypes that we'll launch in market to test with real customers.

"We've got loads of ideas for using AI in digital products. You could create a personalised support widget in your brand's tone of voice, summarise news reports or clean your data by building readable descriptions. Get in touch and let's experiment with AI."
Henry Kirkness
Co-Founder & CTO, Planes
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