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Hack to the Future: 2-3 July 2022

by Kate Westbrook10 May 2022 3 Min Read

An in-person hackathon for junior developers on a mission to use technology as a force for good alongside expert mentors from tech, design and product.

When we talk about solving for sustainability, most of us think about the climate, polar bears and forest fires. But sustainable development is so much more than that; it covers global inequalities, community wellbeing, industry and economics... As technologists we have the opportunity to build tech which impacts all of these areas and acts as a force for good.

This summer we're running a 2-day hackathon, building creative tech solutions around the topics of sustainability and community 💚

About Hack to the Future

The challenge is to use a set of APIs to produce a digital product that has a positive social or environmental impact, enabling communities to connect, humans to be more sustainable or industry to cater to a more diverse world.

We’ll introduce you to some sustainable web design techniques and every team will be paired with an expert mentor from development, design and product to help you move faster and learn more.

There’ll be a top-notch judging panel and awesome prizes for the winning teams across different categories 🏆

Whether you are looking to up-skill, add to your portfolio, or are just interested in making some connections with other super cool people… come and join us 📝

We believe the best way to learn is to try – and to get things wrong along the way. This hackathon will be a fun and safe space for experimentation. Now let’s go play!

We also welcome industry and skill set experts to join us in a mentoring or judging capacity - please email if you’d like to get involved.

Event details

In-person hackathon

📅 Sat 2 - Sun 3 July 2022, 9 AM - 6 PM

📍Planes, Unit 110, Workspace Brickfields, 37 Cremer St, London E2 8HD

🌯 Refreshments will be provided including vegan/vegetarian lunch, drinks, snacks, and pastries

Online event before the hackathon

This is to introduce you to the brief, our API that we will be using and to help you find your team if you are joining solo.

📅 TBC 1 week before the in-person event, in the evening (after 6 pm)

📍 Online

Who you are

  • A junior or mid-level developer aged 18+

  • Basic level of engineering skills: maybe you’ve just started a coding course, boot camp or university

  • You’re looking to get some practical experience and meet more people in tech

This event is designed for people who might have fewer opportunities to get into tech, so in the sign-up form, we will ask optional questions about your ethnicity and gender in order to make this event a fair and equal space.

Who we are

We’re Planes, a digital product studio based in London. We’re a team of product managers, designers and developers who are experts at quickly launching digital products that are built to last. We want to share our expertise with people who are just starting on their journey into tech to help make the industry more inclusive and diverse.

Sign up here

Developer with a love of design and a background in education. Love seeing ideas turn into real-life useful and beautiful products through the magic of code.
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