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What are eSIMs? How 3 businesses are using eSIM to keep customers coming back

by Malachy Bell27 March 2024 5 Min Read

eSIMs are here and changing everything. eSIM experts Mindszi predict that 75% of people will have moved to eSIM by 2030, with over 14 million eSIM-enabled devices predicted to be shipped by the same year.

And it’s not just an opportunity for the future. If you have an iPhone XS or newer, you can access an eSIM today. 

eSIMs make switching mobile networks easier for consumers – but it’s not just the mobile networks that need to jump on this opportunity to stay ahead. Businesses in travel, finance, leisure and even entertainment should look to eSIMs to offer a more joined-up experience for their customers on the move.

Organisations who want to get ahead need to start thinking about eSIM now. Let's take a look at what smart companies like easyJet, NordVPN and Revolut are already doing with eSIMs to reach new customers and develop new revenue streams.

Revolut are saving customers time, money & stress

Ever returned home from a trip to Europe and been faced with a massive bill from your phone company? You’re not alone in forgetting to turn off roaming. 

Since Brexit, the cost of data roaming for UK customers has significantly increased. With some customers seeing their monthly roaming fee increase by 150% in 2023. 

Revolut is the first big fintech to jump on the eSIM opportunity. This makes perfect sense for a company whose product strategy has been to target excessive fees.

First, they started by cutting the rates consumers were charged when taking money out abroad. Now they’re doing the same with those pesky roaming fees. Offering a cost-effective way to access data plans in over 100 countries and helping their customers save time, money and stress when they travel.

NordVPN is protecting consumer's data

When you’ve run out of credit or don’t have data abroad it can be tempting to jump on unsecured public networks to get connected. 

For people who regularly travel for work, this casual behaviour can represent an open threat to businesses' IT infrastructure. It’s also a playground for businesses who sell data in exchange for free wifi. All those spam emails you get? That might just be the free hotspot that lets you post that sunset Instagram post. 

NordVPN, the top business VPN, is helping its customers dodge this cybersecurity misstep by giving users secure on-the-go internet through their new eSIM offering. Smart stuff. 

easyJet is making travel, simple

Like Revolut and NordVPN, easyJet saw an opportunity to launch a new revenue stream with eSIMs. 

In July 2023, easyJet launched easySim. Like Revolut, easySim offers cheap data roaming for travellers. 

Made simple with their easy-to-use website, consumers can search where they are going and find packages as low as £3.50. 

In a world with increasing expectations that we’re contactable at all times, eSIM is helping to make that possible wherever you go in the world.

Businesses need to use eSIM to pre-empt consumer needs

The trend we’re seeing is that eSIM allows businesses to win more customers with a new digital touchpoint that makes life easier. Western Union recently announced their eSIM offering, and Uber are currently working on an eSIM offer that will let riders purchase free data via their app.

Businesses that interact with consumers as they travel should be exploring the possibilities of eSIM. Whether that’s entertainment venues that see fans travel to see their favourite artists, or gyms and workspaces that sell a high volume of day passes. Businesses need to move fast and now. 

Curious how eSIM can benefit your business and customers? Together with eSIM experts Michael Moorfield and Scott Mackenzie of Mindszi, we are offering workshops to help you understand the technology and identify real-world use cases for your business. 

Email to find out more.

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