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Why you should use Webflow for a fast, bespoke build on a budget

by George Charnley23 March 2023 3 Min Read

We work with lots of people doing interesting things. From building a landing page for a new idea to setting up an experiment to test how users perceive your proposition. Usually, you'll want an experience that is really simple, with the option to build on it in the future if you're happy with the result.

Often these asks don’t need a whole lot of complex functionality, just a well designed user journey. In these situations we recommend Webflow. A low-cost solution that enables fast build times for bespoke custom builds. With relative ease, you can build a single platform that can be maintained by the owner of the project without needing developers.

So what’s so good about Webflow?

✏️ Fast build time

Webflow gives complete control to the user. It's website interface empowers the user to more easily manage everything from your websites content to designing animated interaction. The relative ease of it's interface allows for quicker build times.

🛠 Customisable

Unlike other website builders like WordPress or Wix which force you to use their themes and adhere to their inflexible systems, Webflow gives you the option to create custom UI components.

📦 CMS & eCommerce
Webflow uses a Content Management System (CMS) to easily allow you to populate your website with anything, from blog posts to eCommerce products.

How to get started?

👩‍🏫 Training
While Webflow is quickly learnt it still requires up to a week of training to learn how to use. In order to manage the content on the page it helps to have a very basic understanding of some technical concepts.

🔍 Resources
Webflow does a great job of giving you the tools you need to handle everything without code. I recommend the Webflow 101 course as it's free and guides you through the concepts and platform.

When would you not want to use Webflow?

📡 Complex functionality

Webflow is limited when it comes to complex dynamic functionality. It can do some basic tasks like inviting people to mailing lists but can’t offer financial products or subscriptions, for example. If required, complex functionality can be built in by a developer.

Examples of what Webflow can do:

I just think the internet is really really cool and I want to be a part of it. I also love working with people, whether that's running client workshops, supporting other designers, or dovetailing with developers to build digital products effectively.
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