Improve digital solutions
Better your existing products and experiences and boost your team’s capability to get things live.
You’re looking to scale but you need to level up what you’ve got: a thriving digital business or tech platform and probably a dedicated team to run it. Perhaps you’re set up on the wrong tech or user feedback is showing that you need to refine your UX; or maybe you are too busy to talk to your users. We can augment your existing team and upskill them in product practices to get you on the right track to grow.
How we can help
Over a typical 3+ month project we can work together to:
UX/UI design audits
Review current designs and design systems for best practices and opportunities to improve.
Establish product rituals
Work in an agile way with workshops, standups and product cadence meetings.
Team augmentation
Add developers, product managers or designers to build capability and accelerate delivery.
Improve the tech
Our team can help fix bugs, rearchitect and set up new integrations.
We knew we had a great product but we were finding it difficult to scale. Planes helped us refine our proposition and build a future-proof product with the technical smarts to reach its full potential.
Tom Burton
CEO, Getter
How do you work alongside my existing team?
We can work as an extra pod or boost your existing capability with team augmentation. We like to be as close to your team as possible to aid collaboration. If you’re looking to learn new technologies we'll kick off with training and follow up with hands-on delivery work.
What if I want to use my own tech stack?
We fit into your business and build with the tools that make sense for you. If we’re not the right fit for your tech stack, we’ll be the first to flag and discuss a plan of action.
Do you build from scratch or buy existing solutions?
We don't believe in reinventing the wheel so if there is any tech we can take off the shelf we will. It is important to consider that scaling off the shelf doesn't always make sense.
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