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Building trust in an alternative dispute resolution platform
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A fuss-free way to settle financial disagreements without a lawyer

In the UK, there are over 6 million disputes - from faulty goods to poor services - every year. Lengthy legal proceedings and costly litigation often prevents people from reaching, or pursuing, a fair settlement.

Calmly, a portfolio company of IVE Ventures, spotted an opportunity to challenge the existing legal model by building a fast and fuss-free dispute resolution platform, that avoids the need for confrontation or unnecessary legal action.

Calmly came to us with extensive research and an initial value proposition ready to test. Together we designed and built three pilot tools to validate their proposition with real users.

"Our founding team has built ventures in partnership with companies like Barclays, Pearson, BMW, Mars and Disney. But Planes were some of the most impressive people we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thoughtful, rigorous and challenging in all the right places. They’ve become a trusted partner who we rely on to help us de-risk the launch of new startups"
Tom Manuel
Partner, IVE Ventures
Three pilot tools built to scale

Calmly wanted to validate three component parts of their business. Our aim was to deliver three robust tools ready to test but with core elements that were scalable and could be used later down the line - no scrapping necessary.

Together with Calmly we designed and built three tools; a settlement tool, an advisor tool and an admin tool. The Settlement Tool provides information to would-be claimants and defendants that can help them think through the pros and cons of coming to a settlement instead of taking legal action.

The Advisor Tool gave the Calmly support team the ability to interact with customers, and the Admin Tool allowed Calmly to manage their caseload.

By building pilot tools with core scalable elements, Calmly could confidently move from testing to launch with more efficiency and less risk, cutting time and resources.

Creating a service people can trust 

Our goal was to build trust in the dispute service so Calmly could move forward with assurance. We used the research Calmly had already conducted to validate assumptions and manoeuvre customers confidently through the flow. To establish early trust we created anonymised usernames so customers felt safe to share their disputes. We then created additional steps along the way so customers could continually ask for help if they were unsure of how their claim was progressing.

Calmly 🤝 collaboration

Working on the project together we seamlessly integrated teams, with no distinction between their team and ours. Collaboration was key and the discovery phase was spent at the whiteboard testing ideas, and constructively challenging one another.

Quickly developing a shared language meant we came together to help Calmly validate their key components and move towards market with confidence. 

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