Healthy start

Getting a new brand moving with a first-of-its-kind fitness app

Camilla Lorentzen partnered with us to grow her brand and launch a business that would help her community of 12 million find joy in movement.

Product Development
Value Proposition
Business Strategy
Entering a crowded market to grow beyond social media

For the past 10 years, Camilla Lorentzen has made it her mission to help people feel like their bodies are good enough. Alongside her wife Julie Lorentzen, they’ve built a community across Instagram, TikTok & YouTube of over 12.3 million followers.

Camilla knew she wanted to launch a product in the fitness space, but with a heavily saturated market, she needed help landing on the right proposition.

To unlock a new revenue stream that made sense for Camilla's existing brand we created Mila: a new digital business that showcases Camilla’s personality and celebrates every expression of happy and healthy.

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Building a sustainable revenue stream

To help Camilla launch the right product we developed and tested five propositions with her community. We used these insights to build a business model that would set Camilla up for long-term success.

The Mila app is unlike traditional fitness apps which focus on goal setting and calorie counting. Mila launched with a unique feature: an energy check-in which gives people a new way to tailor their exercises to their needs.

Pre-sale launched to a closed community of 60,000 people, resulting in 2,000 downloads before the app was even available to purchase. On public launch, the app received 20,000 downloads in the first 24 hours and hit #1 in the Health & Fitness app chart in over 5 countries.

"Building an app is a huge investment in time and money and having Planes by our side through that has been absolutely everything."
Camilla Lorentzen
Developing hand-in-hand with brand

Together with Camilla, we defined Mila's core brand values: inclusivity, bravery & honesty.  These values gave us the foundation to create our visual identity.

Using imperfectly perfect shapes representing real people, we created a playful and vibrant identity that can grow with the brand.

Building the brand first informed the entire product process: we used the brand values to inform the features we built, how we designed them and even how we planned the launch.

Designing for a global community

Chatting to users from over 7 countries, and receiving feedback from over 40,000 members of Camilla’s community worldwide, we learnt that most of her audience don’t exercise for weight loss.

Instead, users wanted help building a habit of moving more. To achieve this we built features that limit choice: offering three daily activity suggestions based on the user's mood, to make showing up simple.

Creating a profitable business ready to scale

When Camilla came to us, she didn’t have a team around her who could help her launch a digital business. 

Alongside helping Camilla build a profitable business, we also helped her think about everything she would need to maintain and scale the business. That included setting up support processes and analytics to improve and iterate Mila in the future.

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