Launch digital products
Get ideas off the ground and rapidly prototyped, developed and launched into market as new mobile apps, websites and tech platforms.
You might have an idea, some designs or an existing prototype. We’ll help you quickly build a first version of your digital product to launch and learn in market. Or to prepare for an investor pitch. At this stage, you’re looking for questions answered not features built. You need to find out if your idea works: we can help you iterate on your first version, informed by user feedback and data.
How can we help?
Over a typical 2-6 month project we can work together as your app development company to:
Validate the business case
Through discovery and proof of concept, we help identify a winning business model.
Design the brand
Build your product hand-in-hand with the brand.
Go-to-market strategy
Prepare for launch by setting up your analytics, domains and securing app store listings.
Build to scale
Get set up on a technology stack that’s built to scale.
Support after launch
Get help hiring a team to continue running the product without us.
Planes delivered from our very first meeting. They helped us develop a totally new proposition for the fractional ownership model, defining a fast-growing and exciting new category.
Dan Carter
Co-Founder, Showpiece
How much will it cost?
We’ll get your product live in the most efficient way possible so budgets vary accordingly. Our agile approach allows us to flex to different budgets. We also offer alternative commercial agreements such as equity.
What if I already have my own designs?
We often work with existing designs: sometimes this speeds things up. We check that your designs follow best practices and have been created with development in mind (sometimes small design tweaks can save weeks).
Do I own the IP?
Yes; we do not license any of the software that we build. What the team build while working for you is yours to keep.
I have an idea, what next?
If you have an idea you’re confident enough in, we can start building it. Or, we might need to qualify the idea further with market research and user testing.
What happens after launch?
We offer ongoing support for your digital product once it’s live in market: that might look like app development support to fix bugs as they come up. We can also help you find and hire a team once it makes more sense for you to run the product in-house. We’ll support onboarding and handover too.
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