When influencers become founders
How to build a tech business for your community
We’ve researched some of the most successful influencer-built businesses in the market and share the strategy you need to launch your own.
Most savvy influencers have considered building an app
Social media may have opened the door for digital talent, but these platforms are limited in opportunities for those who want to grow their brand.
So it’s no surprise that influencers are looking to bespoke digital products to build their communities and diversify their revenue streams. But what exactly makes a good digital business? And how can you be confident that it will have long-term success?
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sweat app screenshot
by Kayla Itsines
A personal trainer app for women
#1 in the App Store
In 142 countries within a year
Sold for $400 million
in 2021
2 more trainers
added 2 years after launch
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The Doctor's Kitchen
by Dr. Rupy Aujla
A personalised nutrition and recipe app
4.8* App Store rating
continued after launch
10 new recipes
added every month
the doctors kitchen app screenshot
quotation mark
Lucy Smart, River Talent Management
“There’s so much digital talent out there who want to build an app. But they get stuck on that first hurdle: what makes a good app idea? And how do you find it?”
Lucy Smart, River Talent Management
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Waking Up app screenshot
Waking Up
by Sam Harris
An academic-backed guided meditation app
Launched in 2015
and raised funding in 2016
Downloaded +1 million times
in 2022
In the report you will find…
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3 steps to building successful digital businesses for your existing community
Proposition workshop
A workshop template for uncovering a business idea that provides real value
App ideas
Proposition suggestions for influencers across different industries
Dos and don’ts
When not to build an app and pitfalls to avoid if you do
The secret behind successful influencer businesses
Which of your competitors have successfully built a digital business? Our experts have reviewed a selection of influencer-built consumer products.
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