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Breaking into digital product design

🗓 12 June 2024, 17:30 - 19:30 GMT
📍 Planes, Unit 110, Workspace Brickfields, 37 Cremer St, London, E2 8HD
Breaking into digital product design
🗓 Wednesday 12 June
💡 This event has now passed!
👤 Max. 60 attendees

So you want a career designing apps & websites, where do you start?

Maybe you’ve seen job titles like Product Designer & UX/UI Designer on job descriptions and are wondering what they actually involve. Or maybe you already know what they involve but aren’t sure if your skills match up.

We were joined by senior designers, hiring managers and recruiters who told us getting a portfolio and interviewing for a design job doesn’t have to be a scary task.

They covered everything from:

  • The skills you need to work in product design

  • What to put in your portfolio: what content, how much, and how to present it

  • How to pass the interviews and tackle the design tasks


Liz Hamburger, Senior Product Designer, Clippd

Liz is a Senior Product Designer who has navigated the design world for over ten years, embracing at least eight different roles in that time. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience on all things design, with particular focus in landing the right job.

Known for her approachable yet candid advice, Liz is passionate about simplifying the daunting aspects of job applications, creating portfolios, and preparing for interviews. She loves sharing her insights and tips to help budding designers to build standout portfolios and ace their interviews.

Ben Elliott, Founder and CEO at Found By Few

Ben heads up Design & Product recruitment at Found by Few, a next-generation recruitment company changing the tech industry for the better. Over his 15 years in tech recruitment, Ben has led with an honest, consultative and friendly approach, resulting in long-term successful relationships with clients and industry names.

Venessa Bennett, Global Director of UX Dye & Durham Co

Venessa is a renowned design leader, speaker, and problem solver who specialises in creating experiences that meet business and customer needs. With a proven track record of building design practices and teams for brands such as Vodafone, Rightmove, and UK tech unicorn Cazoo, she is currently the Global UX Director at Dye & Durham. Through her blog, Venessa shares her invaluable insights and learnings on UX and design leadership.

Marisa Jensen, Freelance Product Designer

Marisa has a decade of experience working from small discovery projects to building at scale, sitting comfortably across research, prototyping, UX and UI. Her focus has always been on projects for good, working in fields like health tech, climate tech and social impact.

About Runway

Runway is a community for Product Designers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a mid-career designer or an aspiring newcomer, Runway runs events to bring designers together to build connections and fuel career growth.

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