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How product drives change: tactics from scaling teams

🗓 5 October 2022, 10:00 - 11:00 GMT
📍 Virtual
How product drives change: tactics from scaling teams
🗓 Wednesday 5 October
💡 This event has now passed!

Watch our chat with product experts to learn how to kickstart your transformation into a product-led business

So, your business is committed to digital transformation. Perhaps you’ve already decided to invest in product. You have the vision, but the rest of the business needs bringing along the journey.

It's not as easy as just hiring a new team. Navigating product at a scaling business is an obstacle course of slow processes, legacy tech, sceptical stakeholders and communication breakdowns.

You need to be able to prove the success of your team – and its potential to help your business grow.

We invited product leaders to share their experience growing product teams at startups, corporates and everything in between.

The chat covers:

  • What are the signs that you've built enough momentum to scale?

  • How do you navigate conflicting priorities across different teams?

  • How do you influence existing ways of working with other teams who aren’t always open to change?

  • How do you work with stakeholders in a business that isn’t product-led?

  • What metrics do you use to track and communicate success?

We heard from...

Becky Yelland, VP of Product at Infogrid

Becky has over 20 years of product management experience in startups and scaleups in FinTech (HSBC, WorldRemit), Media (Reuters, Sky) and SaaS agencies. As VP Product at Infogrid - featured in PWC's Future 50 for climate - her focus has been on maturing the product function to grow at pace.

Simon Jaffery-Reed, Chief Product Officer at Chambers & Partners

Simon was a founding member of the product organisation at Qubit, before leading the product vision as VP. He is now Chief Product Officer at Chambers and Partners.

Srin Madipalli, Founder (Accomable) and Investor, ex-Airbnb

Srin founded Accomable which was acquired by Airbnb in 2017, where he then worked for a number of years leading a product team. He's now working to create a new venture studio called People & Robots and is an active angel investor.

Charlie Wileman, Product Director at Planes

Charlie is an Inclusive Design expert and passionate about delivering positive transformational change across products, services and teams.

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